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Oasus The most sustainable water bottle

Surprise your customers with a Oasus water bottle. A sustainable water bottle with a mission. The water bottle is made from bio-based materials: sugar cane, a so-called renewable product.

1% of every water bottle sold goes to the UNICEF Plastic Bricks project! UNICEF and partners are working on the Plastic Bricks project in Ivory Coast, which recycles plastic into building blocks for classrooms.

Oasus with logo, the perfect way to communicate your brand.  You can choose from 7 colors. Refillable water bottles printed with your logo, an original and socially responsible gift!

Advantages of Oasus bottles

  • Refillable, suitable for all non-carbonated drinks: water, lemonade and juices. Even alcoholic drinks up to 13%. Please be careful of carbonated beverages as pressure can cause a leak.
  • Dishwasher safe up to 65 ° C
  • Free from BPA and other chemicals
  • Doesn’t smell or taste like oil plastic, food safe
  • 100% recyclable
  • Handy size 500 ml
  • Food safe ink
  • Available in 7 colors

✓ Oasus is the ideal drinking bottle for tap water and reduces the number of disposable bottles.

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